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Important Advantages of QCF Qualifications

IMPORTANT - The Advantages and Benefits of QCF Certified & Accredited Courses against Non Accredited Courses

  • QCF is a regulated qualification which sits on the Ofqual register under sector area(SSA).

  • All first aid learners are qualified in first aid from the date that they have been confirmed by Green Cross Training (assessment date). You will receive your certificate 4-6 weeks after your assessment date.

  • Achieving a regulated qualification is an achievement you and others can be proud of.

  • This demonstrates a certain standard and level of knowledge and competence in your chosen subject (First Aid Training).

  • These qualifications are awarded by organisations which have been approved by an independent regulator “Ofqual”.

  • In order to meet the requirements for ongoing approval, these organisations must consistently demonstrate the highest standard of quality assurance in design and delivery of all qualifications.

  • All qualifications offered by a regulated organisation sit in the “Ofqual” register.

  • Each qualification as it is entered into a register, is assigned a specific Subject Sector Area (SSA) this makes it easy to find other regulated qualifications that build upon or compliment your learning.

  • Simply search on the Ofqual register (found at using the advanced search options which can provide you with a list of qualifications falling into a specific SSA.

  • The QCF is designed to help facilitate the recognition of prior learning so that you do not have to repeat learning or assessment already completed.

  • If you find a qualification that you want to take but believe you are able to provide official evidence that you have already met some or all of the learning outcomes for a unit, you can apply to the relevant awarding organisation for recognition on prior learning.  This means it should be possible to award you some of the credit needed to complete the qualification without you having to repeat learning.

Above outlines the importance and value to you of our QFC regulated course.  HSE do not accredited courses and DO NOT offer any of the above mentioned advantages to delegates.

Your QCF Certificate is equivalent to an NVQ Certificate which gives you credit towards any other relevant further education courses that you may wish to pursue, by having registered evidence at Ofqual recognised prior learning.

Unlike most of our competitors which offer QCF regulated courses only on request at an extra cost. Green Cross courses are all QCF regulated and certified at NO EXTRA COST.

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