Level 2 Award in Fire Safety (QCF)
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Level 2 Award in Fire Safety (QCF)

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The course follow the Level 2 Award in Fire Safety Principles QCF syllabus (SCQF Level 5 in Scotland) and you will receive a Green Cross Training certificate.

In the event that any delegate fails to succeed on the course we will offer re-training on another course and re-assessment FREE of charge. This is subject to terms and conditions.

Fire Safety training for staff is a legal requirement in the UK under The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (FSO) which came into effect in October 2006. 



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  • Congratulations, you are about to embark on a course in a subject that is important to all of us.

    You will, no doubt, be well aware of the potentially devastating effects of fires in the workplace in terms of lives lost, injuries, damage to property and the environment, and to business continuity. You may also be aware that it is believed that most fires are preventable. The importance of fire awareness and safety in the workplace is underpinned by health and safety legislation that places a duty on employers to establish policies and procedures and ensure their employees receive appropriate training.

    This course is designed for employees who want to develop their basic fire safety awareness in order to assist their employer by undertaking more specific fire safety roles in the workplace to manage fire risk (e.g. as fire wardens/marshals/stewards etc.) Successful candidates will be awarded a national level 2 qualification (Level 5 in Scotland).

    Is it right for me?

    The Level 1 Award in Fire Safety Awareness is a qualification aimed at all staff, particularly new starters in any workplace, where a basic understanding of fire safety is required, to equip staff to know how to reduce fire risks, deal with fires if appropriate and escape safely in the event of fire

    The Fire Safety Order requires that fire safety training is provided to staff when they commence employment and that refresher training is provided on a regular basis.

    Fire is often the biggest safety risk any businesses ever has. Without fire safety training your insurances may not be valid and your staff are left vulnerable.

    Don’t think a fire won’t happen to you, last year there were over 33,000 recorded fires in UK businesses and community buildings. Protect your staff now and give them the best chance of escape if a fire does happen

    What will I learn?

    By the end of this course you will be able to:

    • Explain how fires are caused in the workplace.

    • Describe the components of the fire triangle.

    • Identify the hazards during or after a fire, including the products of combustion.

    • Describe the characteristics of fire and smoke spread.

    • State the different methods used to identify and control fire hazards.

    • Define the term ‘means of escape’ in relation to fire hazards.

    • Outline typical components for means of escape from fire hazards.

    • Describe methods of fire detection and raising the alarm.

    • Describe the principle of how fires are extinguished.

    • Describe how portable fire-fighting equipment should be used safely.

    • Identify common fixed fire-fighting systems and where they might be used.

    • Outline the duties of employers and employees with respect to fire safety in the workplace.

    • Outline how to undertake a simple fire safety inspection in the workplace.

    • Describe the stages involved in a fire risk assessment.

    • State the role and function of fire wardens in their workplace:

    • on a day-to-day basis.
    • during an emergency.
    • if they are not in their designated areas of responsibility when the alarm is raised.
    • Outline the content of a fire safety briefing.

    What will it cover?

    • Understand the hazards and risks associated with fire in the workplace.
    • Understand how fire risk is controlled in the workplace.
    • Understand the principles and practice of fire safety management at work.
    • Understand the role of the nominated fire warden.
  • Who should attend a course?

    This course is suitable for those who are responsible for overseeing fire safety, designated fire marshals and anyone who needs to know how to use a fire extinguisher in the workplace. Fire Safety training for staff is a legal requirement in the UK under The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (FSO) which came into effect in October 2006.

    The FSO applies to all non-domestic premises in England and Wales, including the common parts of blocks of flats and houses in multiple occupation (HMOs). The law applies to you if you are:

    • responsible for business premises
    • an employer or self-employed with business premises
    • responsible for a part of a dwelling where that part is solely used for business purposes
    • a charity or voluntary organisation
    • a contractor with a degree of control over any premises
    • providing accommodation for paying guests

    Under the FSO, the responsible person must carry out a fire safety risk assessment and implement and maintain a fire management plan.

  • Before you attend a course

    • Candidates must be aware that they must attend all sessions to be eligible for assessment.
    • Candidates must be physically able to carry out the procedures detailed in the Course content.
  • Certification

    • Every delegate who passes the examination receives a Green Cross Certificate which is valid for 3 years. 

    • Your certification is issued by TQUK Ltd the awarding body of Green Cross Training Ltd.

    About QCF Qualifications
    Achieving a regulated qualification is exactly that: an achievement. One you can be proud of and one that you and other people can be sure is proof that you have demonstrated a certain standard and level of knowledge and competence in your chosen subject. These qualifications are awarded by organisations which have been approved by an independent regulator, Ofqual. In order to meet the requirements for ongoing approval, these organisations must consistently demonstrate the highest standards of quality assurance in the design and delivery of all of their qualifications.

    All qualifications offered by a regulated organisation sit on the Ofqual register. Each qualification, as it is entered onto the register, is assigned to a specific Subject Sector Area (SSA), which makes it easy to find other regulated qualifications that build upon or compliment your learning. Simple searches on the Ofqual register (found at www.ofqual.gov.uk), using the advanced search options can provide you with a list of qualifications falling into a specific SSA.

    The QCF is designed to help facilitate the recognition of prior learning so that you don’t have to repeat learning or assessment that you’ve already completed. If you find a qualification that you want to take, but believe that you are able to provide evidence that you have already met some or all of the learning outcomes for a unit, you can apply to the relevant warding organisation for Recognition of Prior Learning. This means it may be possible to award you some of the credit needed to complete the qualification without you having to repeat learning.

  • Additional Information

    Students will receive course material
    Equipment required for In-house Course: TV/Video if possible
    Recommendation: A practical session allows the delegates to have a go at using a fire extinguisher (not on a fire because of insurance & safety)

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